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Flight Simulation

This is one of the best places to see screen shots taken inside of Microsoft Flight Simulator.  You will be amazed at how real these pictures look, and how they are so much like the real thing.  It is hard to believe that the whole world is included into this program with so much reality.  Every road & street in the U.S. & more !  And it keeps getting better all of the time.  Don't miss these shots if you like aviation at all.    And remember...  The pictures are not real !

Hint - When in the forum, look at pictures that have been viewed many times.

To Avsim FlightSim Screen Shot Forum



This is the best putting forum on the web.  Everything you want to know about putting and much more.  Post your own questions as well. Be prepared to read long explanations about every aspect of putting.

To Geoff Mangum's Putting Forum

To Geoff Mangum's Putting Zone


Computer Parts and Equipment Of All Types.

About the best overall supplier of about everything that you need for your computer.  Fast delivery (usually 2 days) and rock bottom prices.  Huge stock.  Guaranteed rebates!   Very reliable business and very professional.  Further they stand behind what they sell, with no questions asked, for 30 days.  Unbelievable Specials !   I have purchased a ton of stuff here.

Unfortunately, they are a Florida business so you must pay sales tax.   But I feel they are worth it.  Check it out, and you can't go wrong here.

They just "ate" a $100 rebate that I didn't get back from Toshiba by just crediting my credit card for $100 on the spot, and over the phone.  Quote - "We'll deal directly with Toshiba on this one to get our money back".   Can't get any better than that.

To Tiger Direct