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Warning and More !

I am not a medical doctor. Those that choose to experiment with this do so at their own risk. As Albert Einstein once said, "Nothing happens until something moves".  When one gets close to actually producing real results, something is going to move both in clairaudient and clairvoyant experiences.  This manifests itself in either tingling, or out and out head pain or both. That head pain can be very severe at first.  The tingling usually precedes the pain. But by quickly backing off one's concentration, that pain seems to subside. Once one's brain gets used to this new experience, the pain will mostly disappear.  I think this is because something in the brain is going on that it is not used to.  So I would exercise extreme caution at the first sign of any pain.  Be warned that pain usually indicates something is wrong in human beings.  I am very concerned that a total disregard for any severe pain could result in permanent injury.  I feel it is important to ramp up or down the concentration level very slowly at the first sign of tingling, or any pain. A very small amount of pain with the tingle may be normal.  But the tingling alone is a good thing, and it always occurs before any actual psychic experiences occur. At least that is my experience.  When you get that magical tingling, you are getting very close to a very real and exciting adventure in what appears to be the world beyond. In clairvoyance (video) the tingling will be near your pineal gland (the so-called third eye) located at the bottom of the brain.  In clairaudience (sound) the tingling will be more like a sudden and  short "ping", and be in one or both of your two temporal lobes an inch of so above your ear on each side.  In either case, that tingling signifies the start of a major transmission of energy. Your brain will take care of the rest as long as you remain very relaxed,  have absolutely no preconceived thoughts about what you might see/hear in the transmission, and remain totally conscious. Any violation of any one the above three requirements will result in complete failure of the formation of understandable information.

In the case of sound, you will never get a "ping" above your ears until you ask a question in your mind to them. Their reply is the first message after their returned "ping".  That "ping" will half rattle your brain if they have strong emotions to their answer. That brain rattler is usually a straight "yes" or "no".  You'll know if you hit a nerve with them on something.  Instead of a "ping" it's a genuine "ding". When you get this "wack" to your brain, you will later find out that the deceased was very very strongly opinionated on that matter.

Larry Kelly Passes

First let me say that Larry Kelly was a friend, and as one who claims psychic ability on this very website, I felt compelled to attempt to make a communication last evening.  To my surprise and amazement he showed himself very clearly several times dressed in a very dark suit and rather dark tie.  I told Larry I would not reveal any of this until he sent me a clear symbol of the "Black Diamond" logo just as we all know it.  That did not happen, even though I spent six separate reading encounters, late last evening, very early this morning, and on up until now.  Over and over again I explained to Larry that I would not make an acknowledgement of his successful existence on the other side, until I received that symbol.  Not under any circumstances !  Not only was this my way of getting his permission, but it is also just one of my ways of demanding verification before "running my mouth off".   Then today at 1:16 PM EST in a surprise opening to his the build up of light energy, there that symbol was, as clear as a bell, and he reformed it's perfect shape from the whitish light moving haze several times. Since the BD logo was a very well defined, four sided, properly proportioned,  white lined outline against a black background with very sharp corners, and since it formed up from a sizable mass of moving haze,  this was no figment of my imagination.

Let me make it clear that I never accept anything but a perfectly formed symbol.  Sometimes they get lazy and don't sharpen up the points on a star when I ask for that particular  visual symbol. I simply tell them that this is not good enough for a true "iron clad" verification. They understand and always come back and do it right on the second or third try.  One fellow who was always a jokester in real life rapidly flashed me his face and then a star and then face-star-face-star... about 10 times after I made him correct it.  It made me laugh, and I'm sure that was his intent. Only he would do that.   Let me also say that Larry does already possess very strong audio communication ability, but I think it not appropriate to say any more then I have until later.  I'm sure everyone understands why.

Bob's Psychic Ability - Update

I have dramatically improved my skills in this arena. Not only can I easily see visions (clairvoyant ability) but now I have figured out how to "hear voice messages" as well (clairaudient ability).  The art of being a clairaudient is much more difficult to learn, but it is also much easier to use once you have it. John Edward mostly uses his clairaudient ability on stage because it is quick and easy to trigger once one knows how to do it. This clairaudient  ability only came to me after many hours of trial and error, and a belief in myself because of the clear visions I have already seen.

Now for the litmus test.  While I have countless stories of communications with those I know,  at some point comes the time for the first "real deal" for someone else. "Can he really do it or not" ? Or better yet, "Can I really do it or not, when more is on the line" ?

A very important and large developer here in Las Cruces died on the operating table of a stroke during routine bypass surgery to his heart about two years ago, and just before Jan and I came here. Through a third party to this person's wife, I was asked to do a psychic reading on him. I was provided with a picture of him and a name. I knew absolutely nothing about him other than that he was at one time a huge developer in the area.

Frankly speaking, I could read him like a book. I knew before I filed a written report back to this third party , that my reading was perfect. There was no doubt in my mind. And it ended up that I was exactly right on everything I reported !   100% accuracy.

Not only did I see many perfect images of him, but he twice rotated his head a full 360 degrees, just like those certain Disneyland ride ghost caricatures. I also requested and received back many complicated verification symbols from him. I concluded that he was extremely self-centered because not only did he continually flash me images of just himself, but made no references to others including loved ones or his wife. Since I am now also clairaudient, I asked him if he wanted to send a message to, or talk about, others.  And to my total amazement he answered "NO". So we went back to the visual realm (I don't do them both at once, yet, but I think I could).

Now for the good part.  He showed me himself drinking a cup of coffee only (that's because I could see the saucer). He was at one end of a table, and that is all I could see. I could not see the rest of the table.  He had no other food in front of him. I knew not if others were at that table because of my limited side view of him alone at the table.

Then he took me (visually) through the front door of his house, and on to the inside. Once inside he scanned me to the right side of the room along the right hand wall (in my vision). As my vision moved to the right I could see objects through one window that were on the outside. Then he stopped the view about half way down that wall, right on a very large picture of himself in a white dress shirt with no tie. Further, I could easily tell it was not a hanging portrait of himself,  but rather setting on top of a piece of furniture. He highlighted this picture of himself with what appeared as the equivalent of a round flashlight beam against the surrounding darker background.

Now the results returned to me after I filed a written report with the third party.

It was then revealed to me, after the fact of my reading, that the third party I was dealing with was his local female business manager and business partner/investor who accompanied him most everywhere. She described him as extremely self-centered, and all business at all times.  He had a less than stellar regard for his family .

He was extremely well connected with everyone who was anyone, and could and did call Governor Richardson on his (the Governor's) personal cell phone when he wasn't getting what he wanted, especially related to zoning issues.

He conducted most all of his business meetings in local restaurants all day long and also picked up the tab at all times. He scheduled three to sometimes four of these a day, and mostly at different restaurants throughout the day moving from one place to another. While the others all ordered full meals, he almost always only ordered a cup of coffee. He rarely ate with them and joked to her (his partner) about how none of these people would ever pick up the tab even though they were the only ones eating. He really didn't mind this though, as that was one of the purposes of doing it that way.

Then she further revealed that the exact picture which I described exists setting (not hanging) on a wall table along the right side wall of the house entry point room exactly as I described it. She further stated that he was wearing a white dress shirt as I described in that picture, and was not wearing a tie as he had quit wearing ties completely about 6 years ago. She said she has viewed that very picture many times herself, and it is exactly as I described, and in the exact location in the house that I reported.

She finished by saying I had read him like a book. I had truly communicated with him. The clinchers for her, were the two things that I thought the least of.  She said only he, would answer "NO" to bring others in to this reading. She said he never brought in his family as he went about, and everything in real life was about what he wanted to do and related almost exclusively to business dealings.  She described him as extremely self-centered in that he was focused on business deals alone.  But the drinking coffee only was really the "biggie" for her. She said that's what he did. She said he picked her up every morning and they went to meeting after meeting while breakfasting, lunching, and dinner wining and dining others, while he conducted his business with just that cup of coffee in front of him, no food, at almost every outside the home meal  He did not drink any liquor either.  He mostly ate at home with his wife, she said.  This was something she said she had witnessed almost every single day in what he considered to be business meetings while he was  buying others meals that were free to them.
Yes, I have witnessed all the gory details of certain rape/murders here in the Las Cruces area, and have been given important clues directly from the victims. And I was "right in there on the battlefront" with the first American soldier from New Mexico killed in Iraq in 2008, in unbelievable detail.   I witnessed the firefight, death, attempted hospital recovery, funeral service, and burial of this soldier. I even saw a closeup of the wind gently ruffling the brush and he lay dying, before the first fellow American soldier ever got to him. I saw this from his dying point of view as he looked through the weeds as his buddy came up slowly and parted the brush to look at him laying there.  I very deliberately did not read the local newspaper article until after my reading on this young man of 32. It was my first real test of myself on an outsider. I had no idea before the fact, that he got killed in a firefight which I clearly witnessed, gunfire flashes and all.

I am very reluctant to go to the Las Cruces Police Department on the crime visuals, for fear of becoming a suspect. I want to create a verifiable reputation first, that proves I can actually do this. Others have warned me of this danger, and I believe it to be fact.

"Why me", I ask myself. And especially at this age. I really can do this, and I am further of sound mind even though it doesn't sound like it. But I do it, frankly, because I can. I've wondered if my almost fanatical quest to solve my putting problems, made me a candidate in the eyes of the powers that be, as one who will not quit, and have the perseverance to find the way to make this happen. I then wonder if this really isn't God's way of letting it be known that an end to out-of-control crime is in the works. When one gets the apparent miraculous gift which I have just received, one begins to wonder about a lot of things. But I am now quite certain that there is an after-life and have a greatly reduced fear of death. These people can communicate back, and there is some very real physical evidence out there as to why.

I am getting to the level of skill where I will be saying to doubters before long , just like John Edward does, "I don't care who you want me to read for as proof,  just bring 'em on".  I am rapidly becoming quite confident in what I can do.  And I didn't even remotely believe in any of this stuff.  To me it was always just some kind of a total hoax perpetrated by scam artists.