New Users - Community Bulletin Board Features

  • Welcome new user !
  • This is a Community Bulletin Board,  also know as a forum or blog.
  • No registration is required to post messages.
  • You are completely anonymous.  You need not use a real name.
  • Message reading and posting works right in your Windows Browser.
  • No extra software is required, and no "pop-up" boxes appear.
  • No Spyware of Adware is ever used or present in this system.
  • Reading and understanding the Rules & Disclaimer is required reading.

Reading and Posting Is Very Easy....

  • Just point to, and click, on any topic in the forum

  • Read the message only,  and/or "post" a new message or response.

  • To "post" a message click the "new topic" or "post reply" icon.

  • Enter any name & message title desired.  The name need not be real.

  • Type your message for the world to see !

  • Press "Submit", or just leave the page to avoid posting.

That's It !


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