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Policies, Disclosures, and Other Disclaimers:
(Last Updated Nov 28, 2008, 10:57 AM Local NM Time )


Unless explicitly stated otherwise, everything written, or expressed in any and all other forms, by my (Robert Thune's) hand or deeds in and on this website and/or website forum, is MY opinion only, and it is only opinion, not necessarily fact. Further, I do NOT speak directly for anyone else, or business, real or imagined.

I (Robert Thune) do reserve the right to publish hearsay on this website solely as I see fit. This right does not  apply to the website users.

Any reference on this website to "Black Diamond" is to a community and golf facilities operated by "Black Diamond Properties, Inc" as a corporation, and/or a "Club" known as Black Diamond Golf Club, owned by Black Diamond Club, Inc., owned and operated as a shell corporation with no assets or decision making power. Unless specifically stated otherwise, any reference to Black Diamond on this website does not have/make reference to any actual persons, related others, members, owners, or employees, or related events as persons. All references are only to the related corporations, as corporations alone, and/or their holdings, happenings, rights and/or events, etc.

The users of this website have no "rights to equality" amongst themselves as it relates to the treatment by the website owner (Robert Thune) in the running of this website. The website owner can treat differing website users strictly as he sees fit and at his sole discretion. No "equal treatment" between differing website users is expressed or implied. The same also applies to the same user, but at differing times. Any tolerated behavior on this website by the owner, and for any period of time, does not set a precedence of tolerance, for subsequent actions and/or usage by the users.

Further, the website administrator reserves the right to change and/or correct news stories, articles, and/or documents, at his sole discretion and without special notifications to the readers. He likewise reserves the right to change, correct, withdraw, and/or retract at his sole discretion any previously stated opinions and/or stated future intentions, without special notifications to the readers.

This website is owned, operated, and controlled by Robert Thune. It is not owned, operated, or controlled by others or anyone else; most specifically those associated with the community known as Black Diamond or it's owners/operators and/or it's related club or club members.  There is no "equality of website rights" when using this website either practiced, expressed, or implied between the users of this website and the owner of this website who name is disclosed above. That website owner has every right to practice or speak in the manner that he sees fit at all times, and most specifically in direct violation to the website rules set forth by him for the website users, if he (at his sole discretion) deems that necessary and/or desirable.

Any use of the term "Membership Plan" as it relates to Black Diamond Club, Inc, or any comments in any form about that Plan, by the web site administrator, Robert Thune, in any part of this web site, is not to be construed that he (Robert Thune) endorses that Plan as either valid or invalid in whole or in part. That is for a court to decide in what is now filed litigation.  This paragraph was added on 10-29-08.

This website is created to provide a service to the community, while not limiting or restraining any important matters from the public.  It is the intent to be "fair and balanced" on all matters with respect to the right s of expression of opinion.. 

The word groups "Black Diamond" or "Black Diamond Ranch". are the commonly used names to identify this community in Lecanto, Florida (Citrus County). Any use of these word groups, "Black Diamond" and/or Black Diamond Ranch",   by themselves,  in phrases,  in graphics,  or in sentences, are merely and only a reference to the commonly used community name. The use of these "name" word groups above makes no other representations what-so-ever..  This website has absolutely no official capacity or ties, to any person(s), group(s),  place(s), or thing(s).  It most specifically does not purport to represent any person(s), group(s),  place(s), or thing(s). It is operated totally and completely as a private endeavor, by one property owner (yours truly), who formerly resided in this community.

There is an existing lawsuit now being converted to"individual plaintiffs jointed in one lawsuit" that disputes the real existence of any club related to Black Diamond.  Any use in this website (including any postings in the forums) of any terms what-so-ever that refer to anything related to golf, or a golf club/club, and/or a member/membership (including dues, fees, and charges), or anything else related to this matter and especially the term "equity (ies)", are for talking points only, and do not acknowledge that any real things related to this matter actually exist in any and all content on this website (again, including anything posted by anyone in the forums.)  This matter is in dispute under this litigation.

This website is opening up with a non-registering forum.  This may become permanent.  The reason for this is because it was felt that it might be difficult to get started if people felt they were threatened by the long-term effects of what they say.  By not registering, and/or requiring an "e-mail" address, any message poster is completely anonymous.  It is the policy of this website and this administrator to protect this freedom.

No direct identification records of any message posters are ever recorded, collected, or stored.  Your message as an unregistered "guest" is all that remains on the system after you leave.  This is why no registration is used.

While it is not the policy of this administrator to view "IP" addresses, at any time, or while any person is connected (this can always be done on any system because that's how the internet works),  this may be done if certain blatant abusive behavior, or attacks occur, and it will be limited only to those persons involved.  The sole reason for this,  is only to block that IP address from entering the system again.

Important... If you post messages as a registered person or in certain other cases, your IP address may be part of the message record.  The system is purged from time to time to dump all address information and as a safety net for
all anonymous posters. 

Also The Website Administrator reserves the right to dump any , all, or any part of, the forum database for any reason, and at any time.

Attacking of the "referee" (namely, this Administrator) will not be tolerated at any time.  This is an approach used by some people in other community bulletin board systems to help sway and bolster their opinions.  Therefore, no attacks on the "referee" will not be tolerated. They will all be dealt with very swiftly, by blocking that attacker from performing any future message postings.  While it is quite common for some people to be unhappy about the deleting of certain message posts,  the administrator must at all times act on the ultra-safe side of what is considered abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, and/or bad taste, etc.   This is necessary because of the reality that many message posters have  "nothing to lose",  or may be totally "virtual" as to who they really are.  This Administrator himself has at times felt certain deletions on other forums have been unfair,  but they go with the territory for many reasons.   All decisions on this matter are at the sole discretion of the administrator.  Sadly, this whole thing is akin to the many communities that are having a difficult time finding a "referee" for soccer, softball, and other local sports events. Some people attack the referee to get their way !

This website is set-up to be non-profit on the long-term.  Fees will be charged for some advertising in the various forums and at other places on the site..  These fees will initially all be used to pay past and ongoing expenses.  Any surplus is intended at this time be used to advertise and promote the use of  this website. Since this website is set-up as a private endeavor, no accounting to others is expressed or intended on the short or long term.  This website is intended to be turned over to the community at some point however, as an actual elected Property Owner's Association  immerges, or when certain community policies or ownership changes.  This is just an expression of intent, but is not to be interpreted as an obligation.

This website is not intended to represent a non-elected Property Owner's Association, or other other committee at this time.  It is merely that of a private individual, who's intent is to provide sorely needed community communication tools on a "fair and balanced" manner, while respecting both the positive and negative aspects of the community.  During the development of this website, much respect and weight has been given to the advice of those persons in the community who have suffered heavy financial and/or other losses in this community at the helm of certain imposed operating policies.   Seeking advice from these people will continue.

It is always a "toss-up" to provide a means to attempt to sell real estate and other things, and at the same time,  reveal some of the alleged and real negative things going on in the community.   But...  Had this new communication tool (this Community Bulletin Board) been in place earlier,  I believe many of today's resident/owner concerns would never have existed.  That is why this website is taking the general layout and policy direction as seen.

To be fair and honest to all users of this website, be it revealed that this author, who is also this website's Administrator, currently has two real estate lots on the real estate market which are priced  at various levels which at times are far below what was originally paid to the Developer for them. At other times those prices may be set at values well above the price paid for them, for other marketing techniques, which may include an effort to recoup lost initiation dues paid to this Developer. This pricing is intended to be changed up and down from time to time, for a variety of reasons, including the Developer's actions as he "displays" attempts to sell his property.  There has never been any purchase "offer" for any of these properties at any selling price whether it was set above or below the price paid to the Developer for the property alone. Further, the depreciation on this land purchased is at a time when all surrounding area property, of comparable quality,  is increasing and has increased in value dramatically. Additionally, this Administrator also holds multiple memberships, purchased from the Developer that do not appear to have much of a marketable value. This appears to be be due primarily to the Developer's pricing policy of new memberships at this time, and in the past. This developer is actually experiencing a decrease in total active memberships while holding the fees and dues, and other related prices, at a level well above any level that results in sales that increase the total number of active memberships sold, towards a sell-out, and the resultant start of refunds to "resigned" members such as myself.  Further in this regard, this Developer has engaged in certain practices that make it appear that he is making an effort to sell his property, with an implication that this will lead to increased active membership sales.  These "practices" however, have contained no guarantees of any increase in active membership sales, and they have all resulted in nothing more than several years of continued delay, where nothing has happened either in a reduction of dues and fees, increases in total active memberships sold, or any actual and real transfer of ownership. I am holding one resigned and two inactive memberships * with a direct refund value of $168,000 at a minimum (not counting a court ordered payout.).

The use of the previous word
resigned as used in the previous unedited phrase (
three "resigned" memberships) was originally contained within quotation marks. That's because, I was quoting Stan Olsen from two letters he sent to me with the self-proclaimed assertion that our two inactive memberships were and are self-classified by himself as all being "resigned".  To further clarify my exact word usage, I did then further end that sentence with the additional phrase "from this Developer, at this time".

This original word usage was in no way intended to state or  imply my acceptance of Olsen's legally untested self-assertions as to the actual legal membership classifications as "resigned". These membership classifications, their actual sales legality, and the actual existence of a legally documented inactive status classification at the time of the sale, were in legal dispute on our part at the time of this policy page's original first writing.  This sentence has now been edited to reflect my assertions, not Olsen's.

It is my perception based on the current negative (total active membership) sales statistics and continued delays in any transfer of ownership by the Developer, that there is little likelihood of ever seeing this money again. It is therefore the perception of this website administrator that this action results in financial damages to himself, which result from the actions and policies of this Developer. Further, this website administrator has become a member of a new litigation where "individual plaintiffs jointed in one lawsuit" seeks to correct this situation.. 

Additionally this website administrator and his wife are also named plaintiffs in what is known as a Derivative Lawsuit which is now filed with the Federal Courts against various named defendants associated with the owners and officers of Black Diamond Properties, Inc.,  Black Diamond Properties, Inc., and Black Diamond Club, Inc.  The status of that lawsuit is not determined at this time as it relates to the appeals process (8-16-2010). 

This information is clearly and openly revealed so as to avoid any misinterpretation of perceived motives by others, towards this web site, it's Administrator, and/or his policies and practices of and on the web site.


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