Be Warned Of The Facts About The Forums:

1. Each message contains the opinions of that message poster.  Each message represents
    opinions only, and the message may contain written material that may or may not be true.
Further, that person speaks for herself /himself only. Any representations made in the message
    about speaking for others should be disregarded, because those people which he or she refers
    to, can go on the record and "speak" for themselves. Any written content that may be
    interpreted by someone as derogatory and/or slanderous in nature, is opinion only, and it is
    the opinion of that message poster who is acting alone. The absence of an actual written "in
    my opinion"
disclaimer in any given message in no way implies that the message post is
not the "opinion only" of that message poster, who again, is acting alone  It is not a given
    that any message contains any real fact.    It contains opinion !

2. Opinions/writings (which are all and only opinions) from the website administrator (Robert
    Thune) are that of a non-attorney.  That may be true for others as well. I therefore understand
    that I should do my own due diligence on all legal and other related matters, whether authored
    by Robert Thune or others.  And I further then agree to hold all parties harmless as it relates to
    any and all actions taken by myself as a result of anything read on this website. I acknowledge
    I am aware that the website administrator, Robert Thune may use appendages to messages for
    the sole purpose of stimulating active discussion in the forum by others, and those appendages
    do not necessarily represent his actual opinion, especially as they relate to ongoing legal matters.

    Any and all opinions expressed by myself, whether expressed or not in the writing in my
    posted message, is posted for a REASON (among other possible reasons, and at a minimum)
    which is that I  want others to be aware of my thoughts for the purpose of communicating my
    particular thoughts towards any possible cumulative thoughts of others individually and/or as a
    group; a group which is made up of those who are effected in any way to all events or
    happenings in Black Diamond, and whether proven as real or not.

3. Any posted news stories, opinions, or other content may or may not contain factual,  unaltered,
    and/or correct information. It is the responsibility of the reader/viewer to do their own due
    diligence as it relates to any material read or viewed before drawing any conclusions what-so-
    ever, and/or taking any actions.

4. Any copy of any document posted in the forums may or may not be a copy or
    representation of the genuine and/or unaltered original.

5. I understand and agree that any and all allegations found on this website are opinions only and
    represent opinions as of THE TIME THEY WERE POSTED ONLY, not beyond that time.  I
    visit this forum knowing, understanding and agreeing that that any post judgments or rulings as
    they relate to any previously posted allegation opinions, in any and all ways, are a subsequent
of which the posting party has or had no control of at the time of posting. I also
    understand and agree that in all cases, an allegation opinion is something that may or may not
    prove to be founded at a later date.  And I understand and agree that because allegation
    opinions are that of a person as of the date they posted that allegation opinion only, I will hold
    any and all parties involved in this matter harmless because I acknowledge that he has/had a
    first amendment right to state any and all opinions at the time he states(ed) it (them). 

    I also understand and agree that I fully understand the paragraph above, and therefore anything
    that I read only as an allegation opinion, is applicable under the same set of circumstances. 

6. I fully understand that all message content in the forum, including those messages that contain
    a real name, MAY NOT BE  VERIFIED for fact or authentic content by the website
    owner. That is an impossible task in today's world of the unlimited yet legal use of blogs. I read
    virtually everything in the forum fully understanding this as reality, and agree to do my own due
    diligence as it relates to anything and everything I read before taking any actions or drawing any
    conclusions, including, as an extra precaution, any and all comments and/ or messages
    written by the website administrator/owner
. Having been warned of this (in this paragraph), I
    agree to hold the website owner harmless for anything, AND EVERYTHING, I read in the
 7. This website, or it's forum (blog)  is not in any way endorsed, sponsored by, or affiliated with
    that portion of the community know as Black Diamond Ranch, or the facilities portion of an
    entity known as the Black Diamond Country Club, which are wholly owned by Black Diamond
    Properties, Inc. and/or under their related trademarks. While the owner of this website is a
    shareholder of Black Diamond Club, Inc, this site is not endorsed, sponsored by, or affiliated
    with, Black Diamond Club, Inc., when taken as a whole. All opinions found in the forum which
    you are about to enter, which are expressed by the website owner, are those of his own only,
    and not that of  Black Diamond Club, Inc., when taken as a whole. The website owner does
    not speak for, or on behalf of, Black Diamond Club, Inc. (taken as a whole) in any way.

    One does not have to register or provide an e-mail address to post messages in the forums.
    Message posting anonymously is allowed and even encouraged.  In the pool of anonymous
    message posts, certain IP (ID) addresses of the message posters are routinely destroyed,
    swapped with others, and/or changed on an unrecorded and random basis in order to
    protect that anonymity.
I also understand that messages posted with guaranteed anonymity
    may not contain any real fact.
  I agree to hold the website owner/administrator completely
    harmless for performing these protective procedures for all.  I understand the meaning of
    the above, and further understand that this is the way that this forum is run. I then agree to
    approve of the above practices as described and also abide by the terms, as outlined in this
    paragraph, in order to have the right to access the forums
for any reason including, but
    not limited to; read, copy, and/or post message content.  I therefore take full personal
    and legal responsibility for what I subsequently do or say as it relates to all forum content. 

8. The website administrator has provided self-authored commentary, opinions, cartoons, parody,
    news, educational articles, informative articles, feature stories, fiction articles, entertainment
    articles, travel tips, statistical stories, and editorial content on this website for over 5 years on
    this website and now numbering in the thousands of individual and diverse offerings. The
    page read count exceeds 3 million views of multiple article content pages. Further, the content
    of those articles, opinions, etc., in many to most cases was done with the aid of research, travel
    to associated locations, interviews, insider tips, opinions of others, and all associated duties of a
    journalist and/or researcher where appropriate. This summary does not include related full
    time career writings, job responsibilities & duties, or advanced training in this arena. I also am
    aware of the fact that this website services a  large number of  people who are both multi-state
    and multi-national since many to even most people are not residing in Black Diamond for most
    of the year and many Canadians use this website as well as their main source of information
    and reading most of the year for the same reason. Any journalistic qualification is further
    subject to both multi-state and multi-national interpretations since this website services an
    international audience not necessarily related to Canada alone.
    I agree, that because of the longevity and long-time actual use and practice experience related to
    any and all rhetoric, commentary, and editorial content, etc. authored and used by the website
    administrator on this website, that by using and particularly reading any and all content on this
    website, and the forum in particular (a blog), I am acknowledging that the owner/administrator,
    based on strong experience alone at a minimum, qualifies him to me as a true journalist, with all
    legal rights and liberties so afforded that position. Without this agreement as it relate to my
    acknowledgement of the existence of journalism expertise on the part of the website
    administrator on my part, and based on his long-term, large, and strong practical experience
    in this arena at a minimun, I agree to exit this website immediately and not view or expose
    myself to any of it's content. I therefore agree that anything read or viewed by myself on this
    website and forum in particular (aka Blog) authored by the website administrator as the writings
    of a true journalist with all legal rights and other liberties of that position so afforded. I agree
    that I am, or will make myself, aware of those legal rights and other liberties as they exist
    before drawing any conclusions or taking any actions based on any content I view or read.
    Having read and agreeing to all or the above, and since the definition of a journalist is both
    vague and different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, I wave all protections from existing laws
    and interpretations in this regard and enter this forum acknowledging that the website
    administrator has true journalist qualifications from my prospective.

9. The domain name "" refers to the residents
    alone and not the physical community at large. It only particularly defines, who the
    website in part, but particularly the forum (aka-blog), are intended for. Material found outside
    the forum may be intended for a more general audience. The website domain name is not a
    reflection of Black Diamond or the name blackdiamondranch as a registered trademark entity,
    it's owners and managers, it's associated corporations, or it's employees. It is intended to define
    a specific group of residents alone.  As it relates to the forum, only those who are or were
    residents are knowledgeable enough to know the password for entry into the forum.  It is thus
    restricted to the use of those residents and ex-residents, and even illegal entries may not post a
    message without knowledge of that password, since that too is password protected at the
    message posting source.

10. I agree that a decision to allow any message to remain posted without a real name, as opposed
     to anonymously, lies solely and completely with the website administrator. I acknowledge that
     on certain critical topics, as determined solely by the website administrator, it becomes
     important that a real name needs to be used in order to provide a valid qualification for stated
     opinions in order to prevent misrepresentation(s) through false and/or unknown identities.

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