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Audra Mae - Ne'er Do Wells

How Appropriate.....

Matraca Berg - "Your Husband's Cheating On Us"

Some seriously good blues,  featured Saturday night, 2/11/2012 on -- "The Air Castle Of The South"

50,000 Watts,  Clear Channel 650 AM,  WSM,  Nashville, Tennessee (and streaming live on the Internet.)

The Grand Ole Opry streams live and in perfect stereo on WSM for about 4 hours every Saturday night.
Bob will be there most Saturday nights !  WSM features "traditional" country music.
48 Year Old
Matraca Berg appeared on the Opry On 2-18-2012 and was met with wild acclaim.

Matraca Berg wrote "You And Tequila" (Posted below) and about 30 other hits for various artists.
This "Hall of Fame" songwriter also wrote
"Strawberry Wine" and other number one hits.

Where Flight Simulation Is Heading - Posted 11 Days Ago.

Uses Outerra Simulation Module - Hit Full Screen Arrows.


Outerra Beta Video from Richard Vaucher on Vimeo.


Grace Potter and Kenny Chesney

Stealing the Show at Last Night's 45Th Annual CMA Awards

"You and Tequila Make Me Crazy"
Written by - Matraca Berg - Song Above.

This relatively new rendition is something special. 

"One more is never enough".  >  Been there, many times.......  Bob  

Photoshop - Not Just a Picture Editor !
A Dynamite Video Editor Too -- A Hidden Secret.
(And you can add sound !)

It may surprise you to know that Photoshop is a dynamite video editor. When a video is dragged onto the screen, it loads as a single layer. Then to work on it you must click the double arrow with a black background (top - right in the header) and choose "Motion" from the alternatives. This activates the video player controls so you can get to work on the video.

Now for the amazing part. Everything that works in Photoshop works on the entire video. That includes masks, selections, copy, paste, adjustment layers, and filters.
Everything. You can even change the size or move it around on the screen canvas with "transform". And you can crop it too. The trick to make these modifications to effect the entire video, rather than just a single frame, is to make the video layer a "Smart Object" by right clicking on the layers pallet and choosing "Convert To Smart Object". Now you are in some serious business.

But it's video capability has some limitations,
all of which you can get around. Not all video formats are supported. Right now they're MPEG-1,  MPEG-4,  MOV,  AVI (some, not Xvid), and MPEG-2. Divx and Xvid are not supported at all except on a MAC. The other limitation is that you must have Quicktime 7.1 or later installed on your machine. Quicktime is a free download from their website.  Also, some really high-resolution videos must first be downsized, or you will lose part of the picture.

The major work around for all this is to use an external video format converter. That way you can load ALL videos. I use the "AVS Video Converter" which is a leader in that technology. Just convert it to a Quicktime ".MOV"  file and you are good to go. The AVS Video Converter supports all known formats.

The other thing to know is that when you use the
"File, Export" command in Photoshop to render your finished video, it only renders through the installed Quicktime. Photoshop itself takes care of this happening. But the options there are numerous, and again you can later use the video converter if that is not satisfactory.

With all the corrective functions, filters, other overlay layers, adjustment layers, and etc. of Photoshop (CS5 Extended, in my case), this makes this video editor as perhaps the most sophisticated that you can get. For example, those half cartoon/half human commercials seen on TV take
less than 5 minutes to make by simply loading a video, making it a Smart Object, turning on one of the "artistic" filters, and exporting it for rendering into a finished movie. Another example is that you can download a free "paintings" filter and every frame in the video will be changed to look like a painted object.  Every filter works, even lighting effects !

Now for adding sound.  You just drag your mp3, etc, into Quicktime and use the little tabs on the sliders to select a piece of that audio that is what you want to hear, and about the same length of time as the already loaded video. Then save it as a .MOV movie file even though it is just sound. Next drag that file into Photoshop and you are done.  To hear the audio, be sure and select the sound icon before you start the playback. Also you can convert the video to another format in your external converter if the sound does not play in your particular viewer.  The Divx Pro player and converter is another player/converter option.

Also the online VLC video player is a dynamite player  that can be downloaded for free. It is much better than the Quicktime player. The Windows Media Player is also much better, as is the Divx Plus player. But remember, you may have to convert the video to another format to hear the sound that is contained on the .MOV file. That sound is still there even though you can't hear it.

Photoshop is very strong on
Animation, whose pallet can be found in the "Window" header. Now this is another whole and different subject, but it can relate to videos if one desires. Using "Frame Animation Mode" (of the 2 modes provided, not Line Mode) will produce animated .gif pictures when combined with "File, Save For Web & Devices" (with 256 colors) to render the animated .gif. So what, as it relates to videos ? Well, think of this ! As you play your video you can capture specific frames, with it's one-frame only forwards and/or backwards advance feature, to new layers, with the copy and paste commands. Then later delete the original video layer itself, and render each layer onto a separate frame in the Frame Animator (not the Timeline option in the animator). When finished with that, render the animator frames either into a moving .gif or export them to make a high-quality new movie with just the specific frames you saved (copy and pasted to new layers) !!!!! The Frame Animator can be extremely tricky and is not for the weak hearted computer users. At some point I will do a story on that alone. Knowing how it works is the key to using it, and that is not very clear even from tutorials and documentation. The key is that any highlighted animator frame only displays layer(s) with a star in the left column of the layers pallet. And these can be changed at will. The animation frame, and the layer(s) displayed in the layers pallett are totally separate things, where the animator frame only displays the changeable "starred" layer(s) of choice. The "starred" (not highlighted) layers are the important thing in animations. That's what ties any given frame to any given layer(s). And the 3 "Unify" buttons at the top of the layers pallet are just shortcut buttons to add a starred and highlighted layer or layer position across all the frames without doing it manually. Also, because an animation is just that, any manual change to position of things in a layer will record as a new position in only the animation frames that are highlighted. That is why there is a unify position button for cloning a position to all highlighted animation frames.

Whew.... Back to videos.....

What you can do with videos is unbelievable, and is the hidden secret of Photoshop. Experts say it is every bit as good as a movie editor as it is a photo editor. I would agree. -- Bob

PS - While I do not either recommend or condemn the practice, a search of a program name when combined with the word "free" on YouTube will almost all of the time reveal working and registered serial codes/number  when one presses the
"Show More" icon below the video. Those codes are used on trial versions downloaded from the producer website to register the product. These videos are disclaimed as being for educational purposes only. That's just a simple fact, like it or not.

Hank Williams Jr. - Keep The Change
(Fox and Friends and ESPN Monday Night Football  firing version)


Johnny Cashless's New Song



Ray Stevens - As Seen On Fox's Mike Huckabee This Week

How to live using Obamanomics -- Or -- Why my story below this is true !!!!



Flight Simulation - Where It's Heading
(If you want to really blow your brains out, kick it into full screen at the lower right part of the YoutTube screen. - Simply Amazing !!!)

As I have said before, a computer based flight simulator is a marvel of the world.  People have no concept about how far PC's have come and a typical $1300 PC with a good video card now has what amounts to a couple of billion transistors on microchips in it.  And video cards are rendering in the trillions of cycles per second. While Microsoft is back in the flight simulation business after a two year hiatus with it's upcoming new simulator called "Flight",  others see big money making opportunities by building a world-wide or even universe graphics generating engine as a turnkey package to integrate into any game manufacture's own product.  In flight simulation there are two main carrots.  Those that like to fly in a technically correct flying environment, and those that like to fly to see the "eye candy" of the world.  I'm in the later category. I want to get up in the air anyplace in the world and see that location pretty much as it really exists.  If I want to see the beauty of Sarah Palin's Wasilla, Alaska as was shown on her popular cable TV show, I want to take off from some airstrip in Wasilla and explore the area on my own.  And the more "eye candy" the better.

Outerra is a start up company that is developing a new  world based rendering engine, as a licensed core product for simulation game businesses.  This is an example of the type of technically perfect world one will be flying around in on their home PC's over the next few years.

Outerra's Water Generation Part Of  Their New Base Engine.
They are also developing an engine that will allow you to drive
 anywhere on the earth with an amazing amount of reality as it relates to
the roads & highways, the surrounding scenery & terrain, and with the proper elevation data.
They even include back roads like logging trails.  It's amazing and all generated from satellite photos.

The waves and water effects are so perfect because the are generated from the actual and real complex math formulas involved in wave generation of water itself including the depth of the water, as found in the real world.

Note - All "Flash" animations and related text on this website represent editorial opinion and /or parody only.)

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